5 learning activities to tackle this new term

As the school gates open for the new academic year, we hope you’ve had a wonderful summer break and are feeling refreshed, recharged and ready to dive into the new term.

To help give your leadership learning a kick start this session, we’ve picked out five great learning activities on the SCEL Framework for Educational Leadership that will help you to feel back-to-school ready.

The SCEL Framework is designed to work around you – helping you to engage with the learning activities at a pace, place and time which suits – and we hope this selection will help you feel positive, organised and inspired for the new term.

Implement a shared vision for improvement

If you’re a school leader, the school improvement plan for your establishment is never far from your mind. You will have worked to create not just a document, but a living process to take forward and bring about positive change for your staff and young people. This learning activity has been designed to support you in developing an organisational vision which is uniquely relevant to your context.

Leading teams for school improvement

Leading a team is an immensely rewarding and sometimes challenging experience. If you’re leading your own team in the new term, you’ll want to inspire and enable them to work together to their full potential. ‘Leading teams for school improvement’ is a learning activity that will support you to establish the culture and purpose of your team, as well as enhancing your knowledge on the importance of working with others.

Involving learners in planning their learning

The author Adora Svitak said that the most powerful resource in your classroom is “the diverse imaginations, observations, opinions, hopes and dreams of students”. If you’d like support in empowering young people to take the lead in planning their own learning in the new term, this SCEL Framework learning activity can help. It can support you in exploring the benefits of involving children and young people in the planning of their own learning and provide advice on how to take this forward in your setting with confidence.

Effectively share practice and learning in public

Leading and nurturing the development of young people within the classroom is an aspect of the job you’ll tackle every day. But for teachers, communicating and sharing your learning with other practitioners in a public setting can feel like a bigger challenge. This SCEL Framework learning activity is packed with videos and articles that will enable you to structure your learning so you are able to share it with others with confidence.

Adopting a practitioner enquiry approach to developing classroom practice

What is practitioner enquiry? It is highlighted in Teaching Scotland’s Future (Donaldson, 2011) as a way to support teachers to become more engaged with research in order to support their own learning as well as young people’s experiences. This SCEL Framework learning activity will support you through the process, ensuring your enquiry is based upon the needs of the learners in your context and designed to have impact.

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