Explore the Framework for Educational Leadership on National Digital Learning Week 2017

National Digital Learning Week 2017 (15-19 May) takes place this week with the theme of ‘Digital Difference’

The SCEL Framework for Educational Leadership is an online resource – accessible anywhere, any time – which enables you to shape your own and others’ leadership development.

The recently relaunched site contains interactive learning activities, resources, research and access to leadership development programmes in Scotland, and is designed to inspire, motivate and challenge Scotland’s educators in schools and early learning establishments.

Emma Dudley, Acting Principal Teacher of assessment and moderation in Argyll and Bute, has been engaging with the Framework for Educational Leadership to reflect on and enhance her leadership capacity on her journey through her career in education:

“It’s an invaluable tool for lifelong professional learning. I started with the self-evaluation learning activities, then used those to identify areas of my own leadership development I wanted to work on. It’s a wealth of free, up to date information that you can use to develop yourself – being able to record everything you do makes tracking your learning really easy.”

The ability to record and export a summary of your learning as evidence of your professional development is a new feature of the relaunched Framework, a highly useful tool in supporting Professional Review and Development. This summary captures your learning in relation to relevant General Teaching Council for Scotland (GTCS) and the Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) standards and can easily be uploaded to online Professional Review and Development (PRD) systems and can be a good place to start your PRD discussions.

If you support the professional learning of others you can identify appropriate learning activities to address next steps in professional development amongst staff groups:

“The Framework helped me to facilitate professional learning by allowing me to explore and develop my own leadership capacity with staff in my team. Using the learning activities to develop improvement planning was integral in allowing me to have conversations I initially thought might have been difficult. I was able to use my learning to encourage staff to take the lead in their own practice where appropriate, knowing they had my full support.”

If, like Emma, you facilitate the professional learning of others, you can identify appropriate learning activities to address next steps in professional development.

Groups of staff, such as teacher learning communities, departments, or teams can work through learning activities collaboratively using the reflective questions as a focus for group discussion. Emma used the learning activities to focus on developing a collaborative culture with staff in her team:

“I wanted to build my knowledge in early years and looked at developing a collaborative culture within that area. I had five members of staff in that team and even though it was a small nursery they worked with children with a range of additional support needs. I used the Framework to help me identify how I could encourage staff to take the lead in distinct aspects of their learning – finding out the things that they were passionate about and identifying where their strengths lie helped them to think about ways that they could work together.”

The Framework can also be utilised as a tool to prepare for your next career move in education.  As a Framework user, Emma explored the leadership resources and learning activities directed at the next stage of her journey in preparation for the challenges of her new role:

“I was able to explore the learning activities designed for the leadership level I aspired to – that really gave me a sense of confidence going into my interview. Embarking on my new role, I’d already been able to do some learning around what was expected of me. I had been able to identify my strengths – but I also knew the aspects of leadership that I wanted to work on. I think if you know that about yourself and you share that with who you are leading, then you are leading with humility. You’re showing that you are all on the same journey and learning from each other.”

As a teacher or leader of early learning in Scotland you can access the Framework and the range of learning activities using your school/establishment email or Glow account.