New on the Framework: Head Teacher’s Leadership Academy

We are delighted to announce a new addition to our range of endorsed programmes on the Framework for Educational Leadership.

Head Teacher’s Leadership Academy from Columba 1400 is designed to support head teachers and the school leadership team as they focus on the cultures they create through an understanding of core values. This approach assists school leaders in setting standards for teachers, students, communities and the interface between all three.

The programme focuses head and depute head teachers to critically reflect on how they see themselves as social leaders. Attention is paid to the development of conditions in the workplace within which learning is most likely to occur. Head teachers, leadership teams and others will leave inspired about their role in creating the environment and conditions for quality relationships for young people. Participants leave further equipped to enable change through values based leadership and to improve their school so that it will ultimately lead to improvement in the lives of young people, their staff, their families, their learning networks and the whole community.

More information on the programme can be found on the Framework for Educational Leadership and if you are interested in participating in a Leadership Academy, please contact Colin McKerchar at

Interested in having your programme endorsed by SCEL?

Our endorsement process is designed to deliver coherence and structure to the wide and increasingly expansive leadership professional learning landscape by quality assuring, supporting and brokering provider delivered professional learning linked to the Framework for Educational Leadership.

A programme that has been endorsed by SCEL has demonstrated that it is informed by the Model of Professional Learning and links effectively to relevant GTCS Professional Standards giving those who commission programmes comfort that they are engaging with high-quality experiences for participants which have a long-term positive impact on leadership development.

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