New on the Framework: Scottish Improvement Leader (ScIL) programme

We are delighted to announce a new addition to our range of endorsed programmes on the Framework for Educational Leadership.

The Scottish Improvement Leader (ScIL) programme is a key part of Scotland’s innovative approach to address increasing demand for lead level Quality Improvement capacity and capability across our public services. It develops individuals who are in key roles to be able to design, develop and lead improvement initiatives, generate support for change and provide expert support and advice.

The programme content has been developed with the demands on Scotland’s public services in mind. It includes emphasis on the people element of change and how to lead and influence for improvement, interlinked with the core concepts of Improvement Science: Systems thinking, building knowledge through testing, understanding variation and using data to support improvement, and the human side of change.

Participants are brought together from across Scotland’s public services to encourage cross-learning to gain the knowledge and confidence required to apply thinking and techniques that result in improvement. They will become equipped to provide expert support and advice to others on improvement, to build supportive relationships and networks – and to report that they have fun in the process!

One past participant of ScIL said of the programme:

Being on ScIL and using the methodology has helped us to make a difference to the emotional well-being of individuals and created a cohesive team – where staff, parents and ultimately pupils worked together.

More information on the programme can be found on the Framework for Educational Leadership and if you are interested in participating, please contact


Interested in having your programme endorsed by SCEL?

Our endorsement process is designed to deliver coherence and structure to the wide and increasingly expansive leadership professional learning landscape by quality assuring, supporting and brokering provider delivered professional learning linked to the Framework for Educational Leadership.

A programme that has been endorsed by SCEL has demonstrated that it is informed by the Model of Professional Learning and links effectively to relevant GTCS Professional Standards giving those who commission programmes comfort that they are engaging with high-quality experiences for participants which have a long-term positive impact on leadership development.

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