Scotland’s heads embark on new leadership learning programme, Excellence in Headship

The first head teachers to embark on the new Excellence in Headship programme gathered today in Dundee for the inaugural event.

Excellence in Headship enables school leaders to build skills and capacity across a range of themes including critical self-awareness, leadership of learning, leading system change, organisational effectiveness and working with community champions.

Within the theme of critical self-awareness, the first part of the programme will see participants engage in discussion, collaboration and specialist input as they embark on the ongoing leadership professional learning opportunity in Dundee, Aberdeen and Glasgow.

More than 130 experienced head teachers will participate in the first cohorts of the programme, with further opportunities available from September 2017.

Gillian Hamilton, CEO, SCEL said:

“We are looking forward to working with Scotland’s head teachers on this exciting new programme and I am delighted to meet the first group of head teachers today in Dundee.

“Head teachers play a vital role in leading learning, improving attainment and increasing equity for Scotland’s young people, and I am proud of the commitment shown by everyone here.

“It’s crucial that we ensure access to high quality professional learning and development for those in this challenging role and we are proud of the dedication and commitment they show as they engage in this significant learning opportunity.”