Third group of aspiring heads embark on the Into Headship qualification

Over two hundred educational leaders and aspiring head teachers from across Scotland will gather in Glasgow today for the launch of the 2017/18 Into Headship programme – Scotland’s national qualification for headship.

Participants will have the chance to meet and network with colleagues from across Scotland and hear about the programme first hand from previous participants.

Depute First Minister John Swinney said:

“In my period as education secretary it has been crystal clear to me that the role of leadership is absolutely central to the successful delivery of education. We must have a culture of leadership that permeates right through our education system, providing that focus on improving education, and on meeting the needs of young people as they present themselves to us in Scottish education.

“I wish you every success on Into Headship. It’s a fascinating and dynamic programme that contributes to strengthening leadership within Scottish education. I’m profoundly grateful to each and every one of you for coming forward to be part of the programme.

A keynote speech will be delivered by Chris Kilkenny who will share his experience of, and observations on, the education system whilst growing up in poverty.

Into Headship is designed for teachers aspiring to head teacher posts within two to three years and the qualification will become mandatory for all new heads from 2019.

The programme focuses on the specificity of headship and helps new head teachers to confidently take on the role and deliver the best possible outcomes for Scotland’s children, communities and young people.


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