Towards Headship – a new programme supporting school leader development

The Scottish College for Educational Leadership is delighted to launch Towards Headship, a new programme for teachers who have successfully completed the Scottish Qualification for Headship (SQH) or the Flexible Route to Headship (FRH) and whose next role is likely to be that of school leader.

Towards Headship aims to support the continuous professional learning of those already awarded the Standard for Headship and who are now considering headship as their next career step and wish to engage in further professional learning.

The programme has been designed in partnership with colleagues from Scottish universities following the ADES Report on Head Teacher recruitment (2016) which recommended a programme for those who have achieved the Standard for Headship and are working towards a head teacher post.

Towards Headship aims to build upon the professional learning undertaken during and after the SQH and FRH programmes. Both GTCS accredited Standard for Headship programmes (Scottish Qualification for Headship and Flexible Routes to Headship) delivered previously are still recognised and although these programmes are no longer on offer, the award of the Standard for Headship remains valid.

The programme will provide a set of experiences in which participants will continue their professional learning in the specific context of school leadership, and the first cohort of the programme will commence in June 2017.

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