Within Education Scotland, the Scottish College for Educational Leadership (SCEL) has lead responsibility for leadership development and professional learning.

One of our key responsibilities is to provide coherence and quality assurance for the range of leadership and professional learning opportunities in Scotland. Central to this is the national model of professional learning which provides guidance on what high quality, effective professional learning looks like for education professionals. It identifies the key principles and features of professional learning and offers strategic guidance for education professionals on how to best support, structure and plan for professional learning. The model offers a shared language and aspiration, acting as a guide for professional learning providers to help inform the nature and purpose of professional learning offered.

Endorsement of professional learning

SCEL has a well-established process for the endorsement of leadership programmes which will be widened to include professional learning programmes and to encompass the endorsement of learning providers.

The endorsement process requires anyone seeking endorsement (including schools, local authorities, regional improvement collaboratives, education partners and professional learning providers) across Scotland to refer to the national model of professional learning when planning and preparing their professional learning and leadership development opportunities.

SCEL endorsement gives those who commission professional learning the confidence that they are engaging with high-quality experiences for participants which have a long-term positive impact. Individuals taking part in SCEL-endorsed professional learning should be able to clearly see the links made to the relevant aspects of the national model of professional learning.

The refreshed process to apply for Education Scotland SCEL endorsement will be made available in April 2019 and will be piloted and co-shaped till the end of 2019 with a range of learning partners across Scotland to ensure we have a robust, meaningful  process that is welcomed by providers of professional learning and education professionals alike.

Endorsement and the Framework for Educational Leadership

SCEL’s  strategic responsibility for leadership development and professional learning calls for an expansion of the SCEL Framework for Education Leadership to incorporate professional learning activities as part of an enhanced national offer and to streamline and provide coherence on the range of professional learning offered. To achieve this, the SCEL Framework will be redesigned to capture this broader professional learning remit.

Should you have any queries we can help you with in the meantime please contact edsscel@educationscotland.gov.scot.