The Specialist Qualification for Headship consists of three elements, each making up 60 credits of an 180 credit Masters Pathway.

SCEL 08 - Masters Pathway LHE040316

The Middle Leadership element is provided as a post-graduate certificate by the Universities listed below.  Each University offers a unique learning experience but all Middle Leadership programmes have key characteristics in common.  These programmes:

  • consist of 60 credits at SCQF level 11
  • articulate to relevant professional standards
  • form a preparatory and progressive step toward the Into Headship element of the Specialist Qualification for headship
  • have an element of professional, practice-based learning so that experiences are contextualised to individual circumstances

Many of the Universities work in partnership with local authorities. If you are a teacher in one of Scotland’s 32 local authorities you should contact your local authority Professional Learning Coordinator before deciding which of the Middle Leadership Programmes to undertake.

The following Universities currently providing Into Headship also offer Post Graduate Certificate programmes in Middle Leadership:

University of Aberdeen – Post Graduate Certificate in Middle-Level Management and Leadership

University of Dundee – Post-Graduate Certificate in Leading Learning and Teaching

University Of Edinburgh – Post-Graduate Certificate in Middle Leadership and Management

University of Glasgow – Post Graduate Certificate in Middle Leadership and Management in Schools

University of the Highlands and Islands – More information

University of Stirling – Post Graduate Certificate in Educational Leadership

University of Strathclyde – Post-Graduate Certificate in Educational Leadership (Middle Leadership)