International exchange opportunity for school leaders

School leaders participating in the SCEL Excellence in Headship programme are to be given an exciting opportunity to walk in the shoes of a peer from another European country.

SCEL is currently working with the European School Heads Association (ESHA), Association of Heads and Deputes (AHDS) and School Leaders Scotland (SLS) to provide programme participants with job shadowing opportunities in Slovenia, Norway, Finland and Denmark.

This experience will give school leaders an unparalleled opportunity to learn more about another education system and about their approaches to the common challenges that face school leaders especially in relation to school structures, curriculum, pedagogy and leadership.

This international exchange programme links to Theme 2 of the Excellence in Headship programme, Leadership of Learning, with a focus on learning and sharing school improvement and evaluation techniques.

Excellence in Headship supports head teachers who have been in post for two years or more to strengthen and expand their school leadership skills. The programme provides an annual offer of leadership professional learning opportunities in a range of formats and is designed to provide sufficient flexibility over an academic session. Find out more.