New on the SCEL Framework: Lead digital learning with our new learning activity

On National Digital Learning Week 2017, we are excited to launch a brand new learning activity on the Framework for Educational Leadership. Leading a digital learning strategy, developed by Ollie Bray, will support you to consider the different ways that you can learn from others and develop others in all aspects of digital learning.

Ollie Bray,  Head Teacher at Kingussie High school, works internationally with teachers, schools and governments to improve education outcomes for learners through the appropriate use of technology. We spoke to Ollie about his experience of using digital technology to develop leadership capacity in a school setting:

Ollie has personal experience of utilising digital technology to develop leadership capacity:


“I am a strong advocate of the fact that we develop leadership capacity both through practical experience, our mistakes and sharing stories with each other. Many of the ideas that have fueled the Kingussie High School improvement journey in recent years have come from other schools and other practitioners in different part of the world.

Digital technology allows us to share ideas with others and read about wonderful education interventions that can then be adapted and retro-fitted for our own local need. Communication tools, such as Skype and Google Hangout, have allowed me to build a global network of school leaders creating my own headteacher ‘virtual’ staffroom where I am encouraged to share with others, try new thing and take supported risks.

Hashtags like #digitaldifference have helped bind our conversations together.”

Take a look at these two resources featrued in Leading a digital learning strategy – EduTopia (the George Lucas Education Foundation) and the Education Scotland DigiLearn Practice Pipeline, two resources featured in the new SCEL Framework learning activity Leading a digital learning strategy to learn about interesting examples of digital practice in other classrooms around the world.